Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac

The era of Final Cut Express and Windows Movie Maker are certainly over, although most people did mourn the discontinuation of the Final Cut Express, very few had a problem with the discontinuation of the Windows Movie Maker. Due to professional tools and multiple features that are found in the best video editing software, the price of these software are usually steep.

Before you buy a video editing software you need to ask yourselves why do you need it. For instance, in case you need it so as to splice together video shots that you intend to upload on Youtube then there won’t be the need of you getting the full-featured software that is available on the market today. in case you are in music production then you will certainly need software that handles several cuts, have special effects and more. now let’s take a look at some of the best free video editing software.


I am certain that the Mac users are conversant with this entry, even for those who don’t use Mac you most likely have heard of it since it is one of the most popular software. iMovie can work for you very well especially if you are an amateur in film making. The software is usually bundled with your Mac and is fully free, also, it is very easy to use since it has keyboard shortcuts and intuitive interface. In the toolbox of iMovie, there is the Auto Upload to iCloud, multilayer editing, speed control, enhance, adjust and slow motion features.


lightworks is a software that you can rely on and have confidence in, whether you have heard of it or not since it has been used to edit popular movies such as The King’s Speech, Mouth Rounge, and Pulp Fiction. In case you are a home user, you can use the free version, not the one used to edit movies, despite it being free, it still has powerful features. initially, when Lightworks came to market, it was exclusively for the windows users only but nowadays the Linux and Mac users can use it too. in the toolbox, you will find features such as all imports, tilting effects, video effects, multiple keyboard layout and multicam editing.


since Avidemux is a super free version, you can use it on any operating system, for instance, the Linux, Mac, and Windows. For the software to serve you well, you will need to be constantly checking for updates since the developers frequently use the bug fixes and new features to update the software. The best thing with Avidemux, it doesn’t have a paid version meaning when using the free version you won’t be missing out on any feature. In the Avidemux toolbox, you will find features such as subtitles, sharpen/blur, transform and adjustment. Also, with this editing software, there are high chances of seeing a feature you have been longing for since the developers constantly take suggestions.


Blender is very popular software and is frequently referred as one of the best free video editing programs. The software has earned this reputation because it do lends itself perfectly to video game, video and animation creation. Also, its video editing tools are better compared to the tools from most video editing software. Blender can be used on Pc that is using Linux, Mac or windows. Note that many a good number of animated movies and full-length films have been created using Blender. The features in Blender toolbox includes masking, audio mixing, filters. speed control and adjustment.

BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve

Most Hollywood editors prefer this editing software, for instance, popular films such as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and X-Men Days of Future Past were graded using BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve. The software has two version, the paid version which professionals use and the free version which is also very powerful and rich in features just like the pro-version. The toolbox of the software have features such as audio sync, color grading, split view, auto tool selection and simultaneous multiple edits.

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