Best Outlook PST Repair Software of 2017

If you are an ardent user of Outlook, you may have come across file error at some point. If not, you are lucky to not have been attacked by malicious software that target programs like Outlook. Other wise read along, because you are about to discover some unique and easy techniques to get rid of errors and recover corrupted files, folders and much else.

When Outlook is corrupted, it mainly means the Personal Folder Files or PST file is in danger. This is also an indication that all your data items such as contacts, emails, tasks, blogs, calendar are corrupted. What you can do at this point is use some clever mechanism to recover them all without doing a system reboot or restore. When PST file is in trouble, all the elements in it are not accessible. You cannot read or write emails, access calendar or run tasks. To overcome this error, all you need is an Inbox Repair tool or scanpast.exe which is a built-in repair tool for Outlook. However, there are alternatives to this executable file that can overcome some of the drawbacks in it while adding various other features.

1. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

One of the popular repair tool for Outlook, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair can recover literally anything that you asked for. It is even capable of recovering severely damaged file that is more than 2GB in size. With this tool, there is an option to locate the missing or corrupted PST file even if the location is unknown. What is more? You can retrieve data from encrypted file as well. All the elements that are recovered are then transferred to a new PST file that can be saved in your desired location. It is them configured in your system by importing. You can also store this file in multiple formats such as HTML, PDF, MSG, RTF and so on. It can be made compatible for any OS platform like Windows 7, 8, 10 and Vista. The tool supports most version of Outlook and easy to use as well. The user interface walks you through the whole process within a few minutes. This is a great tool to have, if you have been using Outlook for a while now.

2. Disk Internals Outlook Recovery

Disk Internals Outlook Recovery is a great tool for starters. It can repair the corrupt Outlook PST file within a given time frame by recovering all data items except from the encrypted file. Any deleted emails or attachments can be recovered too even if they are being deleted from the recycle bin. In addition, it can recover Personal Folder File from an unknown location, which is an added advantage. Just like a few other repair tools, this tool can retrieve the recoverable files in EML formats which can be imported in Outlook, Outlook Express or Vista Mail. It also has a feature where you can preview the recoverable files.

3. Yodot Outlook PST Repair

Yodot Outlook PST Repair tool is another repair or recovery tool for corrupted Personal Folders file. In fact, this tool can recover even a severely damaged file of this type. What is does is simply scan the files in the system and retrieve the corrupted file effortlessly. With easy to use user interface, you will know when the scan starts, what files are corrupted, what files are recovered as well as when the scan ends. The new recovered files can be stored in the same location or location of your choice. Best of all, this tool is compatible with many versions of Windows and available through many sources.

Last but not least, MS Outlook is a very useful program for those who are accustomed to sending and receiving emails, performing tasks and collecting records in a traditional way. It is hence crucial that those emails, personal records and files remain intact and free from virus. Tools like the above come to their rescue. When PST files are damaged, and the files are inaccessible, these tools will put in all the hard work to recover them. What tool is relevant to your situation depend on many factors including complexity of the system as well as price. So choose wisely, based on your needs and requirements.–pst

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