McAfee Safe Eyes Parental Control Software

Safe Eyes is a family and spouse monitoring software system, owned by McAfee. It helps filter content like websites, videos and music. It is available for both Mac and Windows, but the features may differ depending on the operating system you use. The spouse monitoring system software features for Windows are more robust than the features that are offered for the Mac.

The Safe Eyes software system for Windows allows you to block content categories and create a custom banned list of sites. Safe search can be enabled to block out all undesirable sites on all of your search engines so that they cannot be accessed by the family. This feature is available for Windows, but not for Mac.

Safe Eyes limits certain content

Another feature of safe eyes is that along with being able to control the websites that your family or spouse visit, you can also control the media that your family or spouse will be able to access. You can limit certain content on video streaming like You Tube, and explicit music from being downloaded. On Windows, the Safe Eyes monitoring system lets you block all TV streaming by ratings. The system does not block TV ratings, or allow you to limit explicit music downloads on the Mac.

Safe Eyes monitors social media

The Safe Eyes monitoring system on both Windows and Mac will monitor social media use and blocks social networking, but only Windows can record social media postings, instant messages and email tracking. These features are not available on Mac. The versions for both Windows and Mac can block IM and email channels but only the Windows version can log both email contacts and both sides of the IM conversation.

Schedule times for certain websites with Safe Eyes

Safe Eyes allows you to limit the internet access but not put a limit on all websites. You can do this by scheduling different times of the day for family members to get on certain sites. You can also schedule various, if not the same, hours on the weekends.

Safe Eyes gives immediate alerts

Safe Eyes computer software monitoring system has a reporting option. It will report to you in real time if anyone tries to access any site on the banned list. It can give you an immediate alert and with the Windows feature, you will receive daily summaries. The Safe Eyes monitoring system for both Mac and Windows is cost efficient and offers a money back guarantee.

Money back guarantee, free customer support

Even though there are variations of the Safe Eyes tools offered for Windows and Mac, both operating systems give the same help and support. The Safe Eyes system for both these operating systems also offers one license for up to three computers, and toll free customer support.

Windows has more features than the Mac, and can be customized to fit your needs. The Safe Eyes C software monitoring system will keep your family from accessing websites, video streaming sites, music downloads and social media pages that are on your customized banned list. Although Safe Eyes monitoring system is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, the Windows version is offers more features and functionality. There are many features on the Mac, but the features on Windows allow for customization.

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