Why You Should Not Wear Contact Lenses

A contact lens placed on the surface of the eye helps to improve your eye performance. It usually is very thin to make the vision clear. The lenses are medical tools, therefore, used to correct vision. However, nowadays people also use them for cosmetic purposes.

Many people are wearing contact lenses today to have a changed appearance of their eyes or to avoid putting on eye wears. Contact lenses are unique in such a way that they do not collect moisture. Moreover, the lenses are tolerable. One can wear sunglasses, or other eye wears without worrying about the compatibility.

The reason for contact lenses is to give a solution to various eye conditions such as astigmatism and myopia. The increasing market for lenses will continue to expand due to the growing population, desire to attract compliments and advancement of the technology.

Who Cannot Wear Contact Lenses

Unfortunately, not every person is eligible for wearing these devices. Many are the reasons why some people cannot wear the tools. Some people have shapes of their eyes that do not allow them to wear lenses. If you are suffering from a health condition, such as dry eye syndrome, it is not right to use lenses.

People with nearsightedness have no lenses that can collect their condition; thus, I prefer that they should not try to use them. When you are using a contact lens, you need to be disinfecting them from time to time. The disinfectant solution affects some people and might cause loss of sight or even blindness.

When you are suffering from dry eye syndrome, a condition caused by the tear glands not producing enough tears it is impossible to use lenses. Although there are lenses designed to help generate more tears, still it becomes uncomfortable for you to use the tools.

I can assure you it is certain that people with diabetes should keep off using contact lenses because they are always ready to contact infections. Even when the infections are mild, it is risky for the people who are diabetic. It becomes difficult and will take longer to cope with the infection.

Some children want to go ahead with using the contact lenses to change the look of their eyes. If your child wants to use the eye contact lens, I will term this as a bad idea. The earliest stage for you to use the tool is when you are already an adolescent. The eye of a child is sensitive and also tender; it might catch infections easily.

Handling of the contact lenses is not a simple task. Due care and skills are crucial to maintaining the tools in the best condition always. Other lenses need changing after some time, and others are disposable. You should not go to sleep with lenses in your eyes. Remove before sleeping and new ones put on in the next day.

Anyone who does not know about contact lenses should not be in a hurry to put them on. You should consult a medical practitioner who will help to prescribe and explain the schedule for every type of the lenses.

The following precautions follow when you think of contact lenses

  • You should talk to your doctor to gather enough information.
  • You should do some research on the sources that give some certain contacts.
  • Always keep the lenses clean and exercise enough care to avoid contamination.
  • Follow all the instructions strictly around lens’ products and the contact lenses themselves.
  • Be consistent on the schedule for wearing and replacement.
  • Always contact your professional for the matters on the health of your eye and vision capability.

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